Essential Behaviour Analysis (Essential Psychology)

English | 240 pages | Routledge; 1 edition (March 1, 2002) | 034076273X | PDF | 13.47 Mb
Since the so-called ‘cognitive revolution’ in psychology in the 1960s, it has often been said that ‘behaviourism is dead’. This book demonstrates why this is not the case and how the behavioural approach has continued to flourish.

Leslie begins by summarising the behavioural approach to psychology and shows how it differs from other contemporary and cognitive approaches. The basic principles of the discipline are outlined and linked to major areas of interest and importance, such as behavioural neuroscience, resolution of human behavioural problems, and human language and cognition.

Behaviour analysis is thus shown to contribute to our developing understanding of the relationship between brain systems and psychological problems, to provide an effective and scientifically based approach to human behavioural problems and to deal with topics central to modern psychology.
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Linear Agebra and Its Applications

English | 414 pages | Academic Press; 2nd edition (1980) | 012673660X | PDF | 25.97 Mb
Renowned professor and author Gilbert Strang demonstrates that linear algebra is a fascinating subject by showing both its beauty and value. While the mathematics is there, the effort is not all concentrated on proofs. Strang’s emphasis is on understanding. He explains concepts, rather than deduces. This book is written in an informal and personal style and teaches real mathematics. The gears change in Chapter 2 as students reach the introduction of vector spaces. Throughout the book, the theory is motivated and reinforced by genuine applications, allowing pure mathematicians to teach applied mathematics.
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Introduction to Flight Testing and Applied Aerodynamics

English | 133 pages | Amer Inst of Aeronautics & (July 15, 2011) | 1600868274 | PDF | 8.46 Mb
An introduction into the art and science of measuring and predicting airplane performance, "Introduction to Flight Testing and Applied Aerodynamics" will benefit students, homebuilders, pilots, and engineers in learning how to collect and analyze data relevant to the takeoff, climb, cruise, handling qualities, descent, and landing of an aircraft. This textbook presents a basic and concise analysis of airplane performance, stability, and control. Basic algebra, trigonometry, and some calculus are used. Topics discussed include: Engine and propeller performance; Estimation of drag; Airplane dynamics; Wing spanwise lift distributions; Flight experimentation; Airspeed calibration; Takeoff performance; Climb performance; and, Dynamic and static stability. Special features: examples containing student-obtained data about specific airplanes and engines; simple experiments that determine an airplane’s performance and handling qualities; and, end-of-chapter problems (with answers supplied in an appendix).
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Great American Judges An Encyclopedia

English | 981 pages | ABC-CLIO (June 23, 2003) | 1576079899 | PDF | 5.97 Mb
Great American Judges fills a gap in the judicial reference category by providing biographical information on the great federal and state judges, both living and dead, in one collection. It covers a diverse array of 100 judges who were selected on the basis of frequent mention in various sources and results of a survey sent to legal scholars.

The set begins with a rather lengthy forward on the role of judges in American history. Next come profiles arranged in an A-Z format. Each entry includes a portrait (when available) and introduction summarizing the salient points in the subject’s judicial career. Following the introduction, the profile covers the subject’s personal and professional career and court experiences. Rounding out each entry is a list of references and further reading. Sidebars treat an additional 60 or so "outstanding and/or newsworthy individuals," among them Clarence Thomas and Judge Judy.

There are several appendixes, one of which is a table of the 100 great judges listed by date of birth and showing years of life, nation or state of birth, colleges attended, and courts over which they presided. From this table it is possible to identify the oldest living great judge (Luther Lee Bohanon, Senior Judge, U.S., Oklahoma, 103 years), and the shift from obtaining a legal education by reading law under a judge or lawyer to an emphasis on training in a university setting. Another supplemental feature is a trivia quiz, "How well do you know your Great American Judges?"
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Spice Dreams Flavored Ice Creams and Other Frozen Treats

English | 112 pages | Andrews McMeel Publishing (June 1, 2010) | 0740780166 | EPUB | 8.34 Mb
Inspired by the hot new trend of flavored frozen desserts, this beautiful cookbook features more than 50 recipes for spicing up everyone’s favorite creamy, dreamy treat.

In Spice Dreams, Sara Engram and Katie Luber are back to transform desserts the same way they revolutionized spice cabinets with their two unique lines of organic spices: tsp spices and Smart Spice. In their previous cookbook, The Spice Kitchen, they gave us new ways to enhance everyday family meals with herbs and spices. Now they’re spicing up everyone’s favorite treat.

Discover how you can incorporate fresh and dried herbs and spices into your homemade frozen desserts with more than 50 recipes for ice creams, sorbets, sundaes, ice-cream sandwiches, and other frozen treats. Honey-Mint Ice Cream with Thyme and Basil, Chile-Orange-Chocolate Sorbet, Cardamom Snickerdoodle Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwiches, and Caramel Apple Sundaes are just a taste of the deliciously decadent desserts you’ll find in this unique ice-cream book.

Beautifully designed and complete with full-color photography of these delightful desserts, Spice Dreams is a satisfying and wonderfully cool addition to the cookbook library for fans of ice cream, fans of spices, and food lovers everywhere.
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Teaching Science With Interactive Notebooks

English | 192 pages | Corwin; 1 edition (May 18, 2010) | 1412954037 | PDF | 7.14 Mb
Increase student learning in the inquiry-based science classroom!

Interactive notebooks allow students to record observations, reflect on learning, and self-assess their work. Packed with student examples, this detailed guide explains the unique features that make interactive notebooks more effective tools than conventional notebooks for science classrooms. This resource:

Describes the nuts and bolts of implementing interactive notebooks, including execution, time management, and grading
Uses the 5E Learning Cycle as the framework for science instruction
Emphasizes the importance of writing in science and provides strategies for modeling effective writing
Explores strategies to encourage collaborative student inquiry and foster whole-class discussions
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Fullerene-Based Materials

English | 294 pages | Springer; 2004 edition (June 14, 2004) | 3540201068 | PDF | 5.99 Mb
Chapters in this volume:

  • Organofullerene Materials
  • Electronic Structure and Energetics of Fullerites, Fullerides, and Fullerene Polymers
  • Charge Density Level Structures of Endohedral Metallofullerenes by the MEM/Rietveld Method
  • Polymeric Fullerene Phases Formed Under Pressure
  • Structural and Electronic Properties of Selected Fulleride Salts
  • NMR Studies of Insulating, Metallic, and Superconducting Fullerides: Importance of Correlations and Jahn-Teller Distortions
  • Charge Transfer and Bonding in Endohedral Fullerenes from High-Energy Spectroscopy
  • The Jahn-Teller Effect and Fullerene Ferromagnets

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Dynamics of the Axially Moving Orthotropic Web

English | 154 pages | Springer; 2008 edition (November 17, 2008) | 354078988X | PDF | 7.32 Mb
A material continuum moving axially at high speed can be met in numerous different technical applications. These comprise band saws, web papers during manufacturing, processing and printing processes, textile bands during manufacturing and processing, pipes transporting fluids, transmission belts as well as flat objects moving at high speeds in space. In all these so varied technical applications, the maximum transport speed or the transportation speed is aimed at in order to increase efficiency and optimize investment and performance costs of sometimes very expensive and complex machines and installations. The dynamic behavior of axially moving systems very often hinders from reaching these aims.

The book is devoted to dynamics of axially moving material objects of low flexural stiffness that are referred to as webs. Webs are moving at high speed, for example, in paper production the paper webs are transported with longitudinal speeds of up to 3000 m/min. Above the critical speed one can expect various dynamical instabilities mainly of divergent and flutter type.

The up-to-date state of investigations conducted in the field of the axially moving system dynamics is presented in the beginning of the book. Special attention is paid on nonlinear dynamic investigations of translating systems. In the next chapters various mathematical models that can be employed in dynamic investigations of such objects and the results of analysis of the dynamic behavior of the axially moving orthotropic material web are presented. To make tracing the dynamic considerations easier, a paper web is the main object of investigations in the book.
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Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamental AZ-900 Technology Workbook-P2P

IPSpecialist Technology workbooks are the ideal guides to developing the hands-on skills necessary to pass the exam. Our workbooks cover the official exam blueprint and explain the technology with real life case study based labs. The content covered in each workbook consists of individually focused technology topics presented in an easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach. Every scenario features detailed breakdowns and thorough verifications to help you completely understand the task and associated technology.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamental AZ-900: Technology Workbook-P2P
English | 2020 | ASIN: B0874SF35V | 394 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 82.15 MB Read more “Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamental AZ-900 Technology Workbook-P2P”